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The paints and coatings industry with its numerous applications is an important consumer of ground calcium carbonate (GCC) which is used as a functional filler due to its economic advantage and desired physical properties such as high brightness, weather resistance, low oil absorption and dispersibility. ACCM offers a variety of calcium carbonate grades providing the different paints and coatings products with improved characteristics and enhancements for opacity, and gloss control.
Decorative Paints
Industrial Coatings and Inks
The natural calcium carbonate is known for its low oil absorption, Low abrasiveness and anti-corrosion properties which makes it an important ingredient in the domain of industrial coatings.

Powder Coating:


Top Coats:

Brushing Enamels:

Road Markings :

Adhesives and Sealants
Ground calcium carbonate is not only an economic filler but, is considered as a booster to some important characteristics such as mechanical properties and sagging resistance for the adhesives and sealants profile.